PROCON - International Authorized Repair Center
PROCON - Représentant Autorisé International

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M.L. Parts carries the full line of quality Watts water regulators and required accessories.
                                - WATTS WATER REGULATORS & ACCESSORIES

                                                   PUMP STRAINERS 60 / 100 MECH
                                                   CHECK VALVES ¼, 3/8, ½
                                                   REGULATOR KITS
                                                   COMPLETE REPAIR AND OVERHAUL SERVICE

                            - ICE BANK CONTROLS AND COLD CONTROLS

                                                   RANCO ICE BANKS
                                                   RANCO COLD CONTROLS
                                                   WHITE-RODGERS ICE BANKS

                             - REBUILT LIQUID LEVEL CONTROLS
                               FOR CARBONATORS

                             - ALUMINIUM COLD PLATES, 2 PRODUCTS,
                                5, 6, 7 PRODUCTS

                             - ACCESSORIES FOR BIB SYSTEMS, HANSEN,
                               BECKER, TWIN PACK CONNECTORS,
                               BIB FITTINGS etc.

                             - CO2 REGULATOR PARTS, GAUGES 30, 60, 100, 160
                                2000 PSI, R/L. WASHERS, CO2 HOSE FITTINGS.

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Rebuilt Procon pumps   G.E. Motors   Rebuilt Flojet pumps   Kuritec Quality tubing   Fittings and adapters   Durable Oetiker clamps   Various Accessories and Watts water regulators

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